Why create a text statistics program?

That is obvious, I must not have anything better to do.


What can it do?

Well, I add new stuff every day right now. So whatever it does today, it will likely do something even cooler tomorrow. The coolest stuff it can do today is generate some neat graphs. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are some screenshots of the graphs.


The future of "Text Statistics and more"

The truth is, I don't know what this thing is likely to become. I threw a bunch of features that were similarly related and eventually I got to the point where I thought it might be useful to someone else, so this is what you see before you today. If you like this thing and want to try and shape its future feel free to email me directly (see my address at the bottom of the page) or just click the SF Page link at the top and enter an enhancement request into the tracking system.

If you think Text statistics generator is cool, send me an email and let me know why. The more people that make me feel cool about doing this the more likely I am to continue to work on it (cause heaven knows I don't get paid to do it). Of course if you really want a feature included, a donation would certainley help me to find your suggestion to be especially enlightened.


You can also email me directly with your suggestions and bugs at: